We offer full-day, half-day, and 1-2 hour workshops and seminars for people living with pain as well as for health care professionals who work with people living with pain.

Workshops for people living with pain

Our peer-to-peer EPIc workshops help people make sense of their pain and plot their empowered paths forward through experiential learning. Each workshop is delivered or co-delivered by people who have lived with pain themselves.

Science and stories

Our curriculum is based in pain science and stress biology and was developed using the framework found in Explain Pain Supercharged. During our workshops we explore the science through the lens of lived experience. Why through such a lens? Because we found the science really comes to life, and is best understood, through our stories, and your stories.

We make sense of things, of our experiences, of ourselves, of our worlds, through story, language, and metaphor. So what better way to make sense of our pain and discover what we can do about it. We’ve worked really hard at making sure the material is relatable to each person’s unique experiences. And not just relatable, but actionable, too.

We discuss how the science is relevant to our unique experiences and why, and how we can use that knowledge to plot our empowered paths forward. That includes exploring and practicing science-informed living well strategies as we go. Our empowered strategies fall into the categories of knowledge, mindfulness, movement, creativity, and connection.

Empowerment and experiential learning

It’s not a lecture. So boring! It is all about experiential learning and learning from, encouraging, and supporting one another.

The learning doesn’t stop at the workshop, either! That’s why our focus is on empowerment. We want everyone to have the skills, knowledge, and strategies they need to live the life they want to live. So you’ll have plenty of resources to take home with you, too. And a built in community to continue to support you.

Our goal is to help people in pain get back to their, meaningful, purposeful, active lives, while also honoring their limitations. We fully believe that no matter our limitations, there are still endless possibilities within those boundaries.

After the workshop

As we all know all too well, pain is complex. No matter how much time we have in a workshop, we will never be able to address all facets of living with pain.

That’s why the support and resources don’t stop once the workshops is over. We are intent on community building, so encourage workshop attendees to stay in touch. There is also a strong sister community on Facebook where pain science savvy people with pain can share stories, tips, resources, and lend and receive support.

Workshops include:

  • pain science through a lived experience lens ~ we discuss pain science, stress biology, and bioplasticity through a lived experience lens and explore the relevance to our unique experiences and stories. This includes the physiological processes that take place when we’re in pain or under stress for a long time, how pain is protective by nature, and how we can use bioplasticity to our advantage.
  • shared stories ~ we communicate our lived experiences of pain, receive validation and support from our peers, and understand that none of us are alone. The environment is warm and encouraging, and everyone around you ‘gets it’. We use individual stories to highlight the material we are learning and how it applies to our real lives.
  • science informed strategies
    • movement ~ we explore movement, practice body awareness, and gently challenge our beliefs about our strengths and capabilities as we discover the endless possibilities within our limitations.
    • mindfulness ~ we learn how to notice our pain, anxiety, worries and emotions with less judgment and reactivity; discover how to being more present, aware and grateful; foster coming to terms with our current reality; practice breathing and meditation; and discuss how these practices help regulate our protective systems.
    • creativity ~ we allow for full expression of ourselves, every bit of us, even our pain, through activities such as writing, photography, storytelling, coloring, art, and movement.
    • connection ~ we identify the things we value and discover ways of reconnecting with the people, places, goals, and experiences that matter to us. We plan the steps toward engaging with the things we find meaningful more often.

Would you like to schedule a workshop?

Each of our workshops is customized to meet the unique needs of your group or community. We would love to collaborate with you on providing a workshop in your area. Please contact us!

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