We offer full-day, half-day, and 2-hour workshops and seminars for people living with pain as well as for practitioners who work with people living with pain.

Workshops for people living with pain

Our peer-to-peer workshops for people living with pain are delivered by people who have lived with pain themselves. They are based on the same concepts as our retreats and are customized to meet the needs of each unique group.  They have been developed to help people make sense of pain through experiential learning.

We explore pain science through a lived experience lens, discussing what is relevant to our unique experiences and why. We use that knowledge to discover and practice evidence-informed living well strategies that fall into the categories of mindfulness, movement, connection, and creativity.

Peer-to-peer empowerment, education, support and encouragement

We aim to empower people living with pain with knowledge, skills and support so they can live valued, meaningful, purposeful, active lives while also honoring their limitations. As important as the information and skills learned, though, is our emphasis on building a community of people who understand, encourage and support one another long after the workshop is over.

Our online community is available to all participants for life. The EPIc community is where we all stay in contact with one another through discussion forums. 

As we all know all too well, pain is complex. No matter how much time we have in a workshop, we will never be able to address all facets of living with pain. So the EPIc community is also where we will continue to provide resources, education, support and encouragement.

Workshops for practitioners/providers

Our customized practitioner/provider workshops have been developed to present and discuss pain science through a lived experience lens. Our facilitators have lived with pain but also have a strong pain science literacy. We are able to bridge the gap between the science and the experience of pain.

These workshops are a unique opportunity to hear the patient voice and learn more about what it is like to live with pain from those who’ve been there. During the workshops we’ll discuss language and communication in the patient-practitioner relationship, including common misunderstandings and misperceptions and words that harm and words that heal.

As a group we’ll also identify barriers and solutions to successful treatment outcomes from both sides of the therapeutic equation. We’ll start with defining what successful treatment outcomes even means. There are often gaps between patient and provider expectations that need to be explored.

These workshops allow us all to work together to discover better ways forward for patients and practitioners alike. They will give practitioners and providers new insights and unique perspectives that will help form stronger therapeutic alliances and foster more successful outcomes when they return to their clinic, hospital or office.

Providers are people too

But that’s not all! (I don’t mean to get salesy, but this is important, too!) During these sessions we also validate the provider experience. As people who’ve lived with pain ourselves and sought care from many providers, we recognize how difficult the job is.

Pain is not easy for anyone. It’s not easy for the people living with pain. It’s not easy for those who love someone living with pain. And it’s not easy for those of you who treat those of us who live with pain.

Pain treatment is hard and admirable work. So it is important that you providers out there care for yourselves, too, so you can continue to care for others. That’s why we also practice evidence-based living well strategies during these workshops, too.

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