Is self-management your first choice or last resort?

For many people (including me) who live with persistent pain, it’s only offered as a last resort. I learnt to self-manage my pain back in 1996 when I attended a pain management programme in London, UK. The two week programme gave me the life-long skills to self-manage my pain, myself. Yes the programme gave me the skills, but I had to do the work. I still practice them even today, by stretching/exercising, pacing my daily actives etc.

Self-managing pain is just like learning a skill, like learning a new language or driving a car. It can take time and practice. If I can do it, then I know you and others can as well.

The Endless Possibilities Initiative is an excellent concept by Jo and Beth. Take the opportunity to learn as much as you can on the retreat and practice what you have learnt when you get home.

Good luck

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