Welcome to the Endless Possibilities Initiative! Also known as EPIc.
Posted on December 4, 2016 by EPI Colorado

We are so thrilled to be launched! The Endless Possibilities Initiative has been in the works for some time now as way for us to get the information that has helped us to live well with our own pain to the people who need it most.

Throughout our own experiences Beth and I struggled to find information and resources about pain that were about living our day-to-day lives, about active strategies we could do ourselves to live well, about how we could be empowered to manage our lives, not just our pain.

We’d been through rehab, manual therapies, injections, medications and surgeries, but we ‘graduated out’, so-to-speak. Either our insurance would no longer cover treatments (or would only offer different meds or more surgery) or we just weren’t getting any better.

Where do we go from here?

The question became, what happens when treatment is over and you still have pain? For that matter, what happens for the other 165 hours a week, even when you are undergoing active treatment (and that’s with a high estimate of being in therapy or treatment for 3 hours a week)?

The majority of our lives we are not in the presence of a physician or therapist, we are out there living our lives on our own. What do we do with those hours?

We cobbled together what to do with those hours through studying pain, both the science and the lived experience, and have tried to put them all in one place to provide people living with pain with knowledge, skills and strategies that will empower them to live well.

Living well, with or without pain

We figure that if we can learn to live well within our current reality, of which pain is a part, we certainly can continue to live well if our pain improves or goes away.


The possibilities are endless…


And learning to live well with pain doesn’t mean we stop trying to change our pain experience – it’s quite the opposite! By learning to live well right now, we set ourselves up for change to happen in all areas of our lives, including our experience of pain.

We are not beholden to any one type of practice or movement or technique, we are about exploring all possible options out there that are  supported by scientific research and possible for people living with pain to do on their own.

EPIc Strategies

The strategies are simple, but that doesn’t mean they’re easy. They take effort, commitment and  time. They take patience.

We must persist but also be flexible in our persistence. We must practice, because that’s how change happens, that’s how we learn, cognitively and behaviorally. That’s how we retrain our brains, our nervous and immune systems, our habits, our thoughts. Our pain.


We want to make it clear, though, that the Endless Possibilities Initiative is not a treatment program.

The Endless Possibilities Initiative is an empowerment program full of immersive, engaged learning opportunities for people with pain to see and experience that living well is possible.  To see that they are strong, worthy, capable, adaptive and resilient beings. That they are awesome and awesomely able, no matter their limitations.

And to see that even within our limitations, even within the lived experience of pain, there are endless possibilities.


The Possibilities are Endless….

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