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Posted on July 13, 2019 by Joletta Belton

We thought we’d share some of what we’ve been up to the last couple years with our health professional workshops and participation in professional conferences. Here is a sampling:

International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) World Congress on Pain

In 2020 Joletta will be co-presenting a topical workshop on The Role of Narrative Medicine in Pain Management, Research, and Treatment Practices as well as presenting as a part of the SIG Symposium on Compensation and Medico-Legal Issues in Pain, and sitting on the Cannaboid Analgesia: Evidence and Outcomes of the IASP Presidential Task Force panel. She will also be participating in a number of Lived Experience events throughout the congress in her role as Co-Chair of the Global Alliance of Pain Patient Advocates presidential task force. 

In 2018 Joletta presented a 3-hour workshop on Pain Science and Patient Empowerment at the 17th IASP World Congress on Pain in Boston. It was an incredible opportunity to share her story and have meaningful discussions with the clinicians, researchers, patients, and caregivers in attendance on how best to move forward in pain research and care.

She also presented on the Innovation Lab stage following researchers Fran Toye, Karen Barker, and Kate Seers. Jo’s 10-minute story followed the findings of their Mega-Ethnography on the lived experience of pain.

San Diego Pain Summit, California

Joletta co-presented with Keith Meldrum at the 2020 SD Pain Summit, took part in the Living with Pain panel at the 2018 San Diego Pain Summit, and was a patient demo for Peter O’Sullivan, pain researcher and physical therapist, in 2017 (she wrote up that experience here). She has been to all six San Diego Pain Summits thus far and is honored to contribute to such an important annual summit.

Oregon Pain Summit, Lebanon OR

Joletta has delivered presentations on the lived experience perspective and moderated patient panels at the 2019 and 2020 Oregon Pain Summits. These have been incredible opportunities to engage in meaningful discussions with an interdisciplinary audience of clinicians who are doing incredible work in pain care in their community. 

12th Annual John D. Loeser Pain Conference, Seattle WA

Joletta presented on the lived experience of pain and the importance of narrative in pain care. This was such an honor, as her presentation came before Dr. Loeser himself presented on the necessary role of Narrative Medicine in pain care and she was able to meet him in person. 

PainBC Webinar, online

Joletta presented on Making Sense of Pain Through Science and Story, which has now been included in the Pain Foundations course for health care professionals through Pain BC. 

Occupational Therapy Assocation of Colorado presentations

At the 2020 OTAC conference Joletta presented on Making Sense of Pain Through Science and Stories. In 2019 she provided a keynote presentation on her pain story ahead of a weekend workshop on Person-Centered Pain Care for occupational therapists. She also participated in the workshop, providing the patient perspective on pain and pain care throughout.

Paincloud Convention, Oslo Norway

In 2018 Joletta presented on The Patient Perspective at the Paincloud Convention in Oslo Norway to an international audience of clinicians from all over Europe and the world. She also shared the stage with pain researcher Tasha Stanton to answer questions from the audience and joined clinical researcher and psychologist Silje Endresen Reme at the end of the conference for a round of group discussions with the clinicians in attendance.

Montana Pain Conference, Missoula MT

Joletta was invited to speak and lead breakout sessions at the 2018 Montana Pain Conference to represent the patient perspective. She co-presented with pain physician Dr. Chris Caldwell, kicking off the conference with Teaching Pain Science into the Patient Narrative. It was a truly interdisciplinary audience of MDs, DOs, PharmDs, PsyDs, nurses, physical therapists, movement professionals, behavioral health counselors, and other allied health pros.

To continue on joint presentation’s theme, Joletta also led breakout sessions each day on the patient perspective. She spoke about why and how pain science is valuable in pain treatment and how pain science can inform empowered paths forward for people living with pain (and the clinicians who treat them).

Tree of Healing Conference, Spokane WA

Joletta gave a keynote presentation titled Making Sense of Pain Through Science and Stories at this behavioral health conference put on by the Kalispel Tribe of Indians in Spokane, Washington in 2019. She joined a line-up of incredible speakers who spoke about indigenous health and culture, trauma, and lessons learned over the past few decades. It was an amazing conference!

Reforming MSK Practice by #The3Rs, Manchester, UK

In October 2018, Joletta was a keynote speaker at the Reforming MSK Practice conference in Manchester, UK. Her talk was titled The Patient’s Take on How we Manage Pain. It was followed up by a panel with Pete Moore of Pain Toolkit fame and Adrian McGregor a former firefighter and veteran who has lived with pain, moderated by Jack Chew himself!

The second day she provided the patient perspective on the Maximizing Your Sciatica Outcomes panel with Annina Schmid, associate professor at Oxford Neuroscience who researches entrapment neuropathies, and Ash James, clinical lead at IPRS Health and PhD student in occupational low back pain and resilience.

There’s many exciting things to come from the #TheBigRs, follow their hashtag if you want to learn more.

CME Lectures in Steamboat Springs, CO

Joletta provided a CME lecture to an interdisciplinary audience of clinicians in July 2018 titled ‘Why Do I Hurt: Pain Science and Patient Empowerment.’ This lecture was sponsored by the Rx Task Force and held at the Yampa Valley Medical Center.

She also presented at the ‘Prescribing for Pain Today’ event in May 2019. This event was sponsored by the Rx Task Force and the Colorado Consortium for Prescription Drug Use Prevention.

Collaborations with Modern Pain Care

Joletta is also a frequent collaborator with Mark Kargela and Modern Pain Care. From being a part of patient panels for DPT students to Skyping into continuing education courses that Mark is teaching around the country, Joletta has provided the patient perspective to many clinicians and clinicians-to-be.

They also just have chats with cool people! For example, Mark and Jo chatted with Ben Cormack of Cor-Kinetic in the UK and pain researcher Riikka Holopainen about her paper From Non-encounters” to autonomic agency. Conceptions of patients with low back pain about their encounters in the health care systemThis is a great opportunity to hear from the lead researcher herself alongside clinical and patient perspectives.

Mark and Joletta also bring the patient perspective to clinicians through Mark’s Modern Paincast. When Jo joins Mark they sit down to chat with people who are living with or have lived with pain. It is an opportunity to learn from the insights and experiences of real people who’ve lived with real pain.

They chat with clinicians, too! Their last chat was with Peter O’Sullivan, where they discussed Pete’s approach through the lens of Joletta’s patient demo experience at the 2017 San Diego Pain Summit.

And more!

Those are the big ones, but there is always smaller scale workshops going on as well. We’ve had meetings with other nonprofits, patient advisory councils, and practice based research networks that are leading to really interesting collaborations with primary care physicians, physical and manual therapists, and behavioral health counselors.

We’re looking forward to all that is on the horizon! If you are interesting in exploring hosting or collaborating on a workshop or presentation, please email us at or via our contact form.

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