Beth Requist, Sochi Paralympics

About Beth

Beth broke her back after jumping into the Colorado River off a cliff, a freak accident that led to paraplegia and chronic pain from her level of injury down at the age of 27. She had to learn how to navigate life in a wheelchair AND a life with pain, had to retire from her job as a flight attendant, had to essentially start over from square one.

But she didn’t let pain or her wheelchair stop her. Beth has traveled the world as a tourist and athlete. She is a former Paralympian, having competed in the 2014 in cross-country skiing, less then three years after breaking her back.

She has since transitioned to alpine skiing and mountain biking, too, and is heavily involved in the National Sports Center for the Disabled.beth-sochi

She was able to do so with the loving support of her parents, brothers, and friends. After 5 surgeries and ongoing pain she still makes it to the gym most days a week and is regularly on the mountain. She loves spending time outdoors, challenging herself, learning new skills and new strategies in order to live fully and enjoyably.

She meditates, bakes, and colors.  She still travels the world, visiting Italy, France and Germany in May of this year, just 2 months after her last back surgery!  And she loves hanging out with her massive golden doodle, Finley, and her parents (much smaller) golden doodle, Sadie.

Guess which one’s Finley…



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