Thank you for checking out what the Endless Possibilities Initiative (EPIc) is all about!

We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization intent on changing the way people get access to science-based information about pain.  Your support and tax-deductible donations allow us to offer retreats and workshops to a wider range of people living with pain and we appreciate your support beyond measure.

Our Mission

Our mission at EPIc is to empower people living with pain to live well. We do so through experiential learning opportunities in the form of retreats and workshops where we emphasize community, sharing stories, and supporting and encouraging one another.

We believe that being surrounded by people who understand, and feeling that you are not alone, is a powerful way to change the experience of pain.

Making sense of pain in extraordinary surroundings

Based on our own experiences, we believe that building a community of people who are educated in pain and living well strategies, can then share their knowledge and insights with others, having a tremendous impact on our global pain problem.

Within our community at our retreats and workshops, there will be sessions in pain science education, mindfulness, movement exploration, and creative expression. And there’s always a little bit of adventure thrown in for good measure.
About us - Jo and Beth skiing

How we got started

Although our paths were different, we met through our shared experience of living with pain (for more on our individual stories, check out the About Beth and About Jo pages).

When I met Beth it was only a few months after she’d been through yet another surgery,  one that left her more paralyzed and with more pain.

A coach with the National Sports Center for the Disabled (NSCD), Scott Olson, introduced us. Beth is an athlete at NSCD and I volunteer there as an adaptive snowboard coach.

We started meeting at the gym regularly, where I shared with Beth the strategies that had helped me to change my experience of pain, as we worked to get her back into ski-racing form and back on the mountain.



What we talked about

We talked about pain science, bioplasticity, and what pain is and isn’t. We practiced mindfulness and explored novel movements. ToWe realized how valuable it was to be able to express ourselves – our whole selves, pain and all – with someone who was nonjudgmental, encouraging and supportive.

We shared the creative outlets we enjoyed and how much we loved being out in nature. How we thrived on challenging ourselves physically and mentally and how we wanted to maintain our adventurous spirits, no matter our limitations.

And we shared our frustrations, our fears, our worries, our questions.

Why has noone told me this before?

The biggest questions we had when we learned about the science of pain and the ways in which we can change our experience were why hadn’t anyone told us this before? and why isn’t this information readily available to people living with pain?

Could we somehow get these messages out to the public? Hmmm…..good question.



Empowering people with pain

We realized that this information is not readily available to people living with pain, even within the healthcare system, and we wanted to do something to change that.

We realized, too, that there are millions of people living with pain who are no longer in active treatment. There aren’t many resources to help them continue to pursue an active, enjoyable, meaningful life.

Even for those who are in active treatment, most only spend an hour or two a week with their treatment team and spend the majority of their time on their own, living their lives. We want to help folks during those other 167 hours a week.

Thus, the Endless Possibilities Initiative was born

EPIc was born of a desire to help people living with pain to seek and pursue the endless possibilities within their limitations. To empower people living with pain with the knowledge, skills, strategies, resources, support and confidence they need to live active, enjoyable, meaningful lives, no matter their circumstances.

We are not defined by pain. We are strong, resilient, adaptable, worthy, awesome human beings.

Ultimately our goal is to help guide people living with pain to a better understanding of their pain and, most importantly, a better understanding of themselves. And we hope they will share what they learn with others.

We would love for you to join us. To find out what’s possible. To be a part of this wonderful initiative that is all about community, learning, kindness, exploration, empowerment and lifting one another up.

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