2018 EPIc Retreats ~ Mark Your Calendars!
Posted on January 18, 2018 by Joletta Belton

The Endless Possibilities Initiative will be hosting at least two 2018 EPIc Retreats! Mark your calendars: our experiential learning retreats are scheduled for the weekend of August 17th-19th – an EPIc Women’s Retreat – and the second for the weekend of October 12th-14th – an EPIc Retreat for First Responders.

Our mission is to empower people living with pain to live well. Our experiential learning retreats provide peer-to-peer support, empowerment through pain science education, and practice in evidence-based living well strategies.

2018 EPIc Retreats Location

We believe the setting is as important as the content when it comes to healing, relaxing, and learning. These two EPIc retreats are set amidst 5000 acres of the majestic Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

Guests stay in a large, comfortably appointed cabin at Snow Mountain Ranch at an elevation of 9000′ with views of mountains, meadows and the Continental Divide.

All sessions are held in the tranquility of the great room with endless views and comfortable seating options. The atmosphere itself is peaceful, relaxing, and healing.

Meals and lodging

All meals are provided in the large communal kitchen and dining spaces or in the on-site dining hall.

Rooms are large, comfortable and equipped with two queen beds or bunk beds and ensuite bathroom. At registration you will be able to select a roommate or note any preferences.

There is plenty of time for sharing stories, getting to know one another and socializing as well as time for solitude, relaxation and reflection. We take long breaks at meal times so you can recharge, explore the grounds, or take a nap, too. And of course there is time for the sessions as well!

Retreat Sessions

All of our experiential learning sessions are held in the spacious great room of the cabin. We discuss pain science through a lived experience lens and explore a variety of movement and mindfulness strategies for living well with pain. Throughout all sessions we stress creativity, connectivity and communication.

For more details, please check out the Retreats page or send us a message

EPIc Women's Retreat Recap - wide open spaces!

A guest exploring the grounds in front of the cabin in October 2017

There will also be a bit of adventure for those who are up for it and want to participate. All activities will be modifiable and wheelchair accessible and could include hiking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, mountain biking, indoor rock climbing, horseback riding or roller skating, to name a few.

Please note that there is also no need to attend all sessions. The retreat is for you. If you want quiet time away from the group or need a few moments to lie down and rest, your room is always just steps away. Or you can venture out onto the endless acres of ranch property to just breathe and be, explore and discover.

And it’s casual. We’re all about comfort.


Friday:  Check in at Snow Mountain Ranch begins at 3:00pm on Friday. Our first, very informal session will start around 4:30 and dinner will be served by 6:30pm.

Saturday: A full day of sessions, strategies, socializing, family style meals, nature, rest and reflection.

Sunday: One last movement session before breakfast and checkout at 10:00am. There will be an optional activity, weather dependent at 10am followed by an optional no-host brunch/lunch at Devil’s Thumb Ranch for anyone who wants to hang out a bit more before heading home.

Parry’s Peak views from Snow Mountain Ranch

Pay-it-forward model

The Endless Possibilities Initiative is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. We work hard seeking and writing grants and raising funds so that we can provide all of our guests with grants to cover a portion or all of the cost of their tuition, lodging and meals ($850).

In order to spread our mission of empowering people living with pain to live well, we humbly ask that participants make a donation within their giving limits to ensure that others can attend future EPIC Retreats.

Donations can be made through our PayPal Giving Fund page, through this website (upper righthand corner!), via checks made out to the Endless Possibilities Initiative (PO Box 1800, Fraser, CO 80442), or in person at the retreat via check or credit card.

Or put on your own fundraiser! Fundraisers can easily be set up through Facebook. We can help with any questions you may have.


Send us a message or sign up for the newsletter in the sidebar if you would like to be notified when registration opens!

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